Prestige Dance Studio eGift Card: Additional Costumes

Purchase eGift Card below. eGift Card amount will show up as a credit on your account to apply toward your purchase of packages, prints, products and digital downloads. Fill out dancer, class and costume information below. Be specific when listing class name. For example, if your dancer is in "Prima C/D Jazz," indicate this exact class under the "Class Name." Do not list the class as just "Jazz." 

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Dancer Name (First and Last)

Class Day

Class Time

Class Name or Dance #/Name

Costume Description*

*Some dancers have classes which include two or three costumes per class. If your class has multiple costumes, indicate which costume you would like photographed. For example, a Trio 1 class has ballet, tap and jazz costumes. If you would like only one costume photographed, purchase one $25 eGift Card. If you would like two or three costumes photographed, you must purchase an eGift Card for each costume. If your class only has one costume, select "N/A."
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